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here is where I was during the last years:

2007-today: I worked for a couple of companies and in august '07 I went for the first time in the Silicon Valley: what can I say...that was a life changing experience! This is the moment when I built the there are more than 200 member between SV managers, vc, founders and Italian student.

2004-2006: Master of Science in General Management, Bocconi University. Milan, Italy. Best moment: in 2005 I had one of the best experience in my life when I spent a semester in India studying at the Indian Institute of Managemt, Ahmedabad. The second best moment: in 2006 I came back to India and spent a month in Delhi to write my final thesis (something on the relationship between Italian headquarters and their Indian subsidiaries)

2001-2004: Undergraduate Degree in Economics of International Markets and New Technologies, Bocconi University. Milan, Italy


Photography, Internet, Business, Start-ups, Media, Music, Running, Biographies